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Joanna Kramer makes functional ceramics...pieces to be integrated into everyday life...a bowl for your cereal, a vase for your favorite flowers...She  encourages people to interact with her work and not let them sit on a shelf.  Get to know the intricacies of something handmade  by finding fingerprints, brushstrokes, and other markings. Joanna has developed some deep relationships with a couple of mugs.

Joanna's background is in Social Work and Art Therapy, but is currently focusing on ceramics. She teaches ceramics at an elementary school, sells work locally, and spends as much time as she can in the studio.  Joanna also teacher clay workshops called Wine, Women, and Mud.  To sign up, go to



Joanna works out of WARE Ceramics Studio in Evanston.  Contact her to make an appointment to see what's in stock.